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Welcome to Live Let Roam, a podcast & blog started when a married couple, Christy and Eric, took a chance to navigate life as full-time world travelers. Already avid travelers, we dreamt about traveling to an ever-expanding list of countries and cities yet we never had the time with our typical 1-2 week vacations.  

In December 2021 we took the leap to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, and make the jump to slow travel the world. We learned lots and loved our experiences but wanted a place to call home after 8 months. We are very much about our travel life as we look to make this roaming lifestyle our end goal.

Why a Podcast?  We have experienced deep personal growth from our travel experiences and we love to share our adventures to educate, inspire and entertain fellow Roamers. We also know travel can be expensive and it may seem out of reach.  It's our goal to teach others how to travel around the world on a budget and get the most from each travel experience. 

Picture of Christy Live Let Roam podcast host posing like James Bond

Meet Christy

Christy, is an illustration major and highly creative spirit from Queens, NY. She began her world travel adventures in her teens later on traveling with family/friends, travel groups, and solo. From a safari in Africa, Carnival in Brazil, and 51 countries/territories and hundreds of cities around the world Christy knows how to get the most out of each travel adventure, capture the experience and share her passion for travel through art and stories. 

Meet Eric

Eric is an I/O psychologist from Metro Detroit who was inspired by his Grandpa's WWII path across Europe to begin his world travel adventures. In 2006, Eric moved to Hawaii to work for Expedia where he trained concierge at top hotel brands. Spanning Eric's 20+ career he has delivered learning programs from Singapore to Sao Paulo and traveled to 52 countries/territories around the world. Eric is passionate about food and travel and he is always on the prowl for the best local dishes and drinks each destination has to offer. 

Picture of Eric, Live Let Roam Podcast Host, posing like James Bond
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