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Episode 19: Canakkale & Istanbul

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3/4 view of large wood and metal horse sculpture with blue sky in background
2004 Troy - Trojan Hors


Staying here is affordable, low key and interesting if you are a history buff. Whether it is seeing and learning the history of Ancient Troy or visiting the museums and sites of Gallipoli you'll be kept busy.

You can get to Canakkale from Istanbul on your own and no need for a tour bus. You will need some planning but there is a wealth of information on the internet. Take the Ferry and you will get some amazing views when entering Istanbul.

View of a sunset with castle wall and minaret in background and in foreground the top of a home covered in tapered clay roof tiles
Window view Canakkale

Ferry information:

Istanbul to Canakkale information:

View looking up partial Christy face covered with green scarf, with blue, red, white decorative circular dome
Blue mosque ceiling


A short stay in this iconic city. We only got a taste but still left with several stories to tell. Our favorite was Topkapi palace. For fun, you can watch the 1964 movie Topkapi for some views of the palace and the beautiful green dress I talked about in the episode seen below.

blonde woman 60's stlyed laying on golden damask couch in a 3/4 green button up shirt dress, man with black sweater and cigarette in mouth leaning over the couch on right side
Melina looking good in green

We explored the old town on foot and our area of Kadikoy. We even caught a viewing of Top Gun Maverick that included an intermission right before the pivotal scene where you see Val Kilmer.

The city had lots going on and we would have to return to explore the many other things to do. Although it was busy it wasn't as chaotic as we imagined. I did appreciate the train signage below.

Sign in turkish depicting a male stick figure with arms and legs spread out taking over other seats. Large red x in upper left hand corner.
No "man spreading"

About the authors:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

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