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Episode 20: Sofia, Bulgaria

Companion blog, tips, links, and pics

Christy touching the nose of a large bronze lion statue laying down with trees in background
Boop the snoot

Overnight Train Istanbul to Sofia

Getting to Sofia was some of the interesting moments of our journeys. The overnight train is definitely something to experience that you will not forget.

System train map highlighted in blue marmaray line with the end line Halkali circled in red with train writen in top
Marmaray train map


  • Buy the ticket at the station in advance at the Halkali station by taking the Marmaray line. Tickets can sell out in peak times so plan accordingly. We took the train July and bought our tickets a few days before.

  • Eat before you board, bring additional small snacks if you are a grazer.

  • Plan on interrupted sleep, checkpoints happen around 1am to around 3am.

  • Before leaving train take your coat or extra layers even in warmer months, it gets cold at night.

  • Dress comfortably and enjoy the views.

Eric with arms up and what appears to bel holding up large ornate church with rounded details of gold and patina roofs.
Eric @ Nevsky Cathedral

Exploring the city of Sofia

TIP: Go on the Free Walking Tour. Informative with a variety of sights to help orient you to the city quickly.

Lots of tour options: graffiti tour, communist history tour and pub crawl tour. Eric and I did the City tour and he did the pub crawl tour alone.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the yellow brick road are 2 of the most iconic attractions and a symbols of the city. Be careful though when it rains those cobblestone can be slippery.

In Sofia, you can look in pretty much in every direction and see something interesting. I personally loved the various graffiti since I am a fan of street art. The one of St George and the dragon was even more stunning in person.

One of the days we just took a ride on the tram just to give our feet a rest from all the walking. Sofia is definitely worth a visit!

Sofia Tourism site:

Free Walking tour:

Kneel Shops:

Happy Bar and Grill:

Infinity Spa:

About the authors:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

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