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Episode 3: Helpful packing tips for your travels

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Tips to help you minimize/organize your luggage

Where are you going and when?

It is important to do research on the area you are heading toward to get a clear idea of weather and customs. Is it rainy, rocky uneven roads, or a more conservative culture? This helps you plan what you should actually pack. Customs sometimes dictate shoulders covered and no shorts and flip flops. Be respectful as a traveler and you will get that respect back.

Tip: Save time and money by using only a carry-on and backpack.

We've found when traveling not checking in your bags eases a lot of pains along the way. We travel with a backpack and carry-on. Now knowing we would be out for an extended time this wasn't the easiest but it can be done. Be mindful of weight and size requirements. US carriers and longer flights have more room in overhead and under-seat storage than European flights do.

Tip: Lay out what you intend to pack on a flat surface. This helps you see what you have in regards to outfits, unnecessary items. Do you really need 3 blue denim jeans, 5 black shirts, and 3 different sandals? Do a test pack then do it again. You may have to rearrange and nix* some items. (*Note that I did nix some additional items for weight requirements for final pack. My bag was 26lbs and had to get it to 21lbs)

Several items arranged in suitcase
Left side of luggage unpacked then packed

Several items arranged in suitcase
Right side of luggage unpacked and packed

Tip: Pack in categories and use compression bags.

When arranging I like to pack in categories such as all bottoms together, tops, underwear, etc. This comes in handy when we are jumping from one place to another and keeps everything organized.

Compression bags are your friend as well as packing cubes. Compression bags work best when folded not rolled. I used 2 suitcase and 1 carry-on Ziploc travel set. When packing straight into your luggage roll items and use every available space including inside shoes.

For space saving cheats use a zippered travel pillow to pack soft overflow items. I learned this from Tik tok. I used it on the overnight flight to Madrid and it made a comfy pillow. Use your plane outfit for your bulkiest items shoes, jacket and layers help free up luggage. Just be sure not to look like and overstuffed teddy bear

Backpack for electronics, enterntainment, and medications for easy access. When traveling with medication, look up medication on European websites if it falls under a restriction. To be safe carry on original container with paperwork and I had my doctor write a letter stating it is not a narcotic.

Tip: Book Air BNB’s with washing machines for long term stays.

Carry-on suitcase with travel pillow resting on top
Completed pack bag and travel pillow no extension

What I learned about my pack now that I'm on the road The ziploc bags are fantastic and have kept my bag from getting out of control. I am only using travel pillow trick on flights as the weight thing matters most then. Otherwise I can fit most everything in my carry-on. I still may lose an item or two to reduce but so far it has worked out ok. I use the shoe bag cover for dirty clothes. Best part is when getting from point A to B it is less bulky and easier when navigating cobblestone streets and new neighborhoods.

About the authors:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

Eric is a blogger, podcaster & educator with a passion for food, arts, and cultures around the world. Follow Eric on Instragram@wanderingwigloo or facebook@liveletroam

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