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Episode 6: Bilbao, Spain

Companion links, tips, and pictures

4 pictures, top left view of Guggenheim sculpture and building, top right Eric and Christy in front of large metal spider sculpture, bottom left, recreation of park statue with Eric and christy, bottom right view of city of Bilbao from top of funicular
Best of Bilbao

We felt the uniqueness of Bilbao and the basque country. Learn more about it on the link below. Culture of the Basque country:

The crown jewel of the city was the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. We've included some of our favorite pics including Louise Bourgeois's Spider and more.

Dan brown “Origins” book:

See some of the same artists closer to the US like The Dia Beacon in NY.

4 pics of Tilework Invader art in various areas of Bilbao streets
Chasing Invader in Bilbao

Chase invaders in Bilbao and all over the world by heading to Invader's site.

Invader art:

Bilbao Public Transport: Barik Card

Public transport can be stressful and confusing hopefully I can be some help with some tips about the Bilbao transport system. These tips can be applied to most cities as well. You can buy individual tickets but they cost up to 50% more than if you use the stored value on the Barik card. Use the card for access to trains, trams, and the funicular. It also can be used for multiple people.

Buy a Barik card at a machine or from the train station. Finding a machine that accepts credit cards can sometimes be a challenge, otherwise, you can always start with some Euro cash. We found lots of the machines only took cash. We found the machine at the Atxuri station did have a credit card reader but the one outside of the San Mames tram didn't. The cost of the Barik card was 3 Euro. When purchasing the card for the 1st time you will pay 3 Euro for the card and must add a minimum of 5 Euro of stored value. Tram trips cost under 1 Euro and the funicular is about 3 Euro per person for roundtrip. You can always add more stored value to the card but it can't be refunded so plan accordingly.

To ride tap card on machines with Barik logo before getting on. On some long distance buses or trains, you will tap on and when you get off. These are if you are going outside the immediate metro area of Bilbao. I linked to Barik card information below as well.

Public transport card:

About the author:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

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