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Episode 9: Dr. Go and Madame X'plorer's "Secret Budget Plan"

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Companion blog, tips, links, and pics

To date, we’ve traveled through 7 Countries, and 20 Cities.

Distance traveled: 6,692 mi/10,769 km.

Land – 3093 mi/4978 km Air – 3577 mi/5756 km Sea – 22 mi/35 km

The distance that we have covered is a little over 27% around the world.

movie poster parody of James bond dr no villain, eric holding cat and silhouette of christy in front of window forming a big X
Secret Budget Plan

To make a boring topic more fun we decided to take on new personas, Dr. Go (Eric) and Madame X'plorer (Christy) with our continual inspiration from Pop culture and James Bond. Eric was determined to take a picture with an actual cat. The photoshoot took place in Fethiye and we named the cat waffles. You'll find out why in a later cat blog.

Goal: Annual $40K Daily $109.59

Budget formula: Budget $/time away = (Daily or monthly) Spend Budget

We talked about our inspiration source in Episode 2. We've included links to episode 2 and its companion blog:

Our Budget Results: 3 months March 2022 - May 2022

  • Overall savings 34.37% under budget, $71.92 a day

  • $6,617.08 actual vs $10,082.28 plan

  • *Chase credits $2,239.97 a 5.6% of a $40K budget

  • Without credits 12.14% under budget, $96.27 a day

Travel Reward Credit Cards

Be sure to get the most out of your travel reward credit cards!

We LOVE Chase Sapphire Preferred use this link to apply and receive 60K points

Please Note: applying with this link Live Let Roam receives a referral bonus, yet it does not diminish your reward


Here are some resources Dr. Go uses to stay on top of finance & slow travel tips & tricks:

Retire early & Travel - Millennial Revolution

Money-Saving Tips - Mr money mustache

Currency Tracker - XE Free currency charts

Cash Back Deals - Ibotta

Money Advice "Search Travel" - Bigger Pockets Money

Remember our goal is to inspire travel near or far...and within your means. Be sure to take the time to plan your travel and your finances months before you book your flight. Do your location research for each destination you plan to visit in order to get the most out of every Dollar, Euro, Yen, or whatever your currency is while you're in your destination.

Email us at with any other specific questions. This very episode was created from interest and requests from our listeners and fellow roamers!

About the authors: Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

Eric is a blogger, podcaster & educator with a passion for food, arts, and cultures around the world. Follow Eric on Instragram@wanderingwigloo or facebook@liveletroam

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