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Oh the kitties we'll see - Cat art

Cat lover's view when traveling

2 shelf display  of numerous figurines of cats of every size and color. Most figurines are stylized representation of a cat with some small owls included as well. The display includes a small 2 tier display of colorful bracelets and two paper fans hanging from the ceiling, one blue one red.
Bratislova shop cat window

Cats are everywhere

Near or far, it will not be long until you see some sort of image of a cat. A item of clothing, a picture or an object, for cat obsessed people such as myself we notice. As a creative spirit, I can't help but enjoy seeing the representation of this ancient as well as modern deity.

Outside Shop displa, a basket is filled with various cat shapes pillows. In the background you see brightly colored tunics and in foreground on lower right a tabby and white cat looking back at the viewer
Turkish cat pillows

Cat Street Art

As a child, you learn to draw basic things like stick figures, a house, a tree and the family pet. The representation of cats are instantly recognizable in any minimalist or maximalist form and instantly emotes a feeling to other fellow worshippers:

"You are welcome here."

As street artists know, if you want to grab someone's attention and make them smile draw a cat. Below are some of my favorite examples I saw on my travels. I truly enjoyed with minimal detail how you can evoke the "aww look at the cat" feelings in these pieces.

Collage of 3 pictures, top is of rooftop with red cat silhouette doing a flip and a black and white cat looking behind at the viewer, bottom left mirrored cat silhouette, right simple place cat stencil walking
Trio of cat silhouettes, Corfu, Sofia, Tirana
Top building with lots of various grafitti writings, right corner is an orange cartoon cat, bottom left simple line cat, lower right cat stencil with large eyes looking left.
Trio of Grafitti cats, Prague and Sofia

On other occasions I stumbled upon some more detailed renderings of the honored cat in murals. Below is a favorite scene from Durres, Albania of a plain doorway painted to looked like an aged wooden door. Outside the door 2 kids are resting along with a white fluffy cat. I can't help but be reminded of my childhood sitting on a front stoop talking with our neighborhood friends.

Painted doorway scene. door is made to look like weathered wood. opening the door is a young girl in white dress with red hair and red shoes, she is peeking out at 2 boys 1 leaning against the door frame with blond hair biting on a straw of hay, and the other seated to the right of the door in a sailor boy top and beret. between them a white fluffy cat stares back at the viewer
Come out and play

Black and white stencils of a man playing saxophone, a child seated holding a box, another child seated on a swing with his back to the viewer with one knee up and and one hanging and lastly a tabby cat seated called to attention by the viewer
Izmir mural with cat

And there is always the abstract art of magic eye. What do you see?

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About the authors:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

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