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Oh the kitties we'll see - Rhodes

Updated: Jan 12

Cat lover's view when traveling

Long hair brown and white cat sitting on concrete bench scratching underneath her chin
Medieval Calico
After Corfu I had my routine ready, eat a meal, save a little meat, and feed a kitty.

In Rhodes, we greeted a few as arrived at our hotel and I tried to remember their locations for further visits. Here I saw a little rougher kitties while walking in the medieval old town. I saw one that heartbreakingly had got into a fight and had some wounds. That is the unseen life of feral cats that is a common occurrence.

In some areas, food was set out for them and they were a little more skittish. Although I was able to get cozy with a long-haired calico as seen in the cover picture above.

View of concrete ruins with dandelions and other weeds growing around. In middle lower left you can see a grey, brown and white speckled cat curled up disappearing into the scene
Spot the cat
sign with Go Slow in a yellow triangle on a gate in distance you see directions to various beaches
Heading to the beach

I mentioned in Episode 15 that we visited Oasis Beach Kallithea and when you get off at the bus stop a short walk later you see a Cat Sanctuary. I was surprised at Eric had not told me this would be here and I was wondering why the heck are we traveling so far to a beach when we had one within minutes of our hotel. (Also PMS time so my patience was thin.)

Good news! Cats can help with that. There were several cats of various ages scurrying around. Little kittens playing in the brush, teenage kittens jumping from plant to plant attacking dried-up long leaves and sticks. We grabbed a toy or makeshift toy out of palm fronds to play with all the kitties. Since we arrived around 10:30 am they were still active. After this play time which Eric thoroughly enjoyed as well, we headed to the beach to relax.

Small long hair charcoal colored kitten with 2 front paws resting on branches
Photo ready

Our next siting would be by visiting the Ancient Olympic Stadium in Rhodes. I was ready; I had my leftover chicken I had been saving ready for our interactions with the feral cats. After a steep climb up the hill and several under my breath cussing, we arrived at the ruins. Walking the site was pretty neat. As we headed closer to the stadium I could see a white fuzzy animal in a tree in the distance. I am always on the watch for wildlife and wondered what it could be.

On our way down I stumbled across a large black cat. I gave him some meat and observed his signals to see if he wanted any pets. An older British man persistently approached to let me know I had to be careful and that I should beware. (NYC instinct was like "Oh no he didn't".) Instead, I smiled and kindly let him know that I was very experienced with cats and understood how to be cautious with my interactions.

Black cat looking up waiting for a treat
Rhodes black kitty

Walking further into the stadium is where I spied her. A pale white cat with orange tips on her face, the cat in the tree. She was doing her best "look how cute I am" to another couple but they came unprepared. I had chicken. I loudly crinkled the bag I had the chicken in and held up a piece motioning for her to come over.

Christy sitting on stone steps with white cat,  orange ears and a black eye patch snuggled up next to her
Chloe and me

She came, I fed her little bits and she was grateful. She rubbed against us and when she had her fill she started preening herself then leaned into my side as my cat paparazzi Eric was taking pictures of us. I said to Eric I felt her name should be "Chloe" cause she was sweet and beautiful. I wish I could have taken her back, we stayed for about 20 minutes. I then said goodbye to Chloe and wished her well.

Grey sleek cat sitting near a white sleek motocycle scooter with a sign that says Rent Me
Rent the kitty. Yes, please!

Local Animal Welfare organizations are so essential for the well-being of these animals. Below is the Rhodes organization we came across in Kallithea. They often work tirelessly and through volunteer donations.

When thinking of getting a new fuzzy friend adopt one in need.

R.A.W.S. (Rhodes Animal Welfare Society) -

About the author:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

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