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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Our journey to educate and inspire world travel

Often in conversation with each other or a group, the topic of traveling would naturally come up leading us to recall a time when something cool or crazy happened. We would then crawl into our memory banks to recount an adventurous story or a key life lesson. Some of these memories we experienced together and others when traveling with family/friends, solo, or on a business trip. So, when life presented an opportunity for us to travel full-time and start a travel podcast, the decision clicked ... yeeeesss!

And with this, we kick off LIVE LET ROAM to inspire others to step outside their normal comfort zones to experience the wonder of travel.

Bold red type, plane, world map background
Live let roam podcast logo

We are currently working on final preparations minimizing the home base and building a covid friendly travel itinerary. We'll be detailing our adventures through our podcast, blog, and social media sites. Be patient this is all new to us as well and look forward to taking all of you on our journey with us.

Travel experts?

As of February 2022, we have visited a combined total of 57 countries and territories (see travel map below), and hundreds of different cities around the world. In our travels, we both have met folks that have traveled way more and those that are just getting started on their travel journeys. Both have inspired us to keep challenging ourselves on what is possible.

We feel there is great value to experiencing a variety of locations around the world and opening our eyes into different and unique cultures.

World map, highlighted red countries visited, Europe, Americas, Australia, Indiaia
Where we have traveled so far February 2022

How do we do it?

When the question comes up "How do we do it?" I can never afford that. This opens a floodgate of excitement of giving recommendations and advice on how and where to travel, even on a budget. One great way to get the most from your travel experience and save money is practicing Slow Travel.

According to “Slow travel” is an approach to travel that emphasizes connection: to local people, cultures, food and music. It is meant to educate and have an emotional impact while remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment."

Our travel style is a blend of fast travel and slow travel and we call it Live Let Roam travel.

What's up next

In the future, episodes will be recorded from destinations around the world as we dig into the Arts, the food, and the weird/unusual experiences encountered along the way. With our blogs, we will paint a more detailed picture through deeper dives into certain subjects as well as key tips and advice. We know that some of our experiences will not always be sunshine and cupcakes. We will share some of that too.

To stay in the know, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our podcast, and as well reach out anytime directly at our email at

The first city on our itinerary is Madrid...see you later!

About the authors:

Christy is an artist/creative spirit & blogger/podcaster with a passion for many things especially the arts, nature, and weird things around the world.

Eric is a blogger, podcaster & educator with a passion for food, arts, and cultures around the world. Follow Eric on Instragram@wanderingwigloo or facebook@liveletroam

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